Salmon fishing package 7 days fishing

Going and fishing salmon in new places is not a children's game! Where to fish?
When to fish and above all how to fish?
Join me on a 7 day salmon adventure!

Extremely good water to choose, within reasonable driving distance!

Within a radius of 200 km they are for example:

  • Kalixriver
  • Råneåriver
  • Byskeriver
  • Lainioriver
  • Linariver
  • Ängesån
  • Torneriver

We live in a lovely tentipi tent right by the salmon pools.

This is included in the package basic:

  • Transfer from Kallax Airport
  • Guide every day
  • Lunch
  • Transfer between fishing place
  • Living in tentipi tent
  • Fishing license

Price exampel for basic package:
3 fisherman 1556 euro/rod
4 fisherman 1315 euro/rod.

This is included in all inclusive package:

  • Transfer from kallax airport
  • Guide every day
  • All food
  • Accomodation in cabin 
  • Transfer from accomodation to fishing.
  • Accomodation in cabin with 3 room an kitchen.
  • Fishing licens

Pris exampel all inclusive
2 fisherman 2900 euro/rod
3 fisherman 2190 euro/rod

If more or less people contact me for a quote!