Moose hunt 

I can offer moose hunting in different way!
  • Try out hunting, be with a hunting team for one day ore a weekend. 

Have you never tried moose hunting? here you have the chance to join moose hunting in a real hunting team.                                                         We gather early in the morning before the first light of day arrives.
The hunting leader tells about the day's conditions and the area we will hunt in,
Then you are assigned a shortingpass to sit on during the hunting day,
sometimes you change area during the day and then you are assigned a new shotingpass.
An exciting form of hunting, in the middle of it all, a large moose stands in front of you that has traveled silently through the forest.
With the help of communication radio, you keep in touch with each other in the hunting team.
No meat included, this is an hunting experience!

  • Go with a dog handler for one day ore a weekend. 

Here you have an active form of hunting, hunting with a loose dog.
Same as try out hunting, we gather in the morning and go through the day.
But instead of a pass, you walk through the area with the dog handler.
The dog is looking for a moose and is trying to get the moose to a stand still,
they are now they are getting really exciting, to sneak up on a moose and try to get to the shot!
No meat included, this is an hunting experience!

  • Decoy hunting after the big bull! Really good chans to a trophy moose! 

Here are the most exclusive hunts and the absolute greatest chance to get shot!                                                                                                                        We are completely alone in the area, just you and the guide!
We sneak out in the middle of the wilderness before the first light of day arrives and
attract large bulls that sometimes come at high speed straight towards us!
Good chance for trophy bulls! We hunt for a few hours in the morning,
go back to the cottage to rest in the middle of the day and then sneak
out into the woods again in the afternoon! After the afternoon hunt,
we return to a finished dinner that consists of venison with accessories,
after dinner we take a relaxing sauna!
This package includes heart, tongue and trophy from the moose!

Moose hunt