Winter hunt for capercaillie and black grouse

Top bird hunting might just be the formula 1 of hunting during wintertime. It is difficult and demanding hunt, but in the most pristine and beautiful winter landscape. We move on skies, in a slow walking pace. Glassing for birds in the trees, and once we locate them it’s all about sneaking into a good shooting position, within 80-250 meters. We often use our bags as shooting support, and once you got the bird in your sight it’s all about precision shooting, the “kill zone” in only about 40 mm. on a black grouse and 65 mm. on a capercaillie. So, the longer the shot, the cooler you must be.
After a successful shot, there’s nothing more satisfying than to put your skies back on and go a locate the bird, and believe you me, they are bigger than most expect.

After a day’s hunt we will go back to the accommodation and enjoy a warm meal and a hot sauna, the way it’s been done here for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Your guide will always take the lead so that your skiing experience will become easier, following in his premade tracks. 

You can expect temperatures from +-0 down to -30 degrees Celsius.
if you appreciate a challenge? Then this is a hunt for you!


Day by day information

Before sunrise the guide will pick you up, after a short drive we will be the hunting area. Once we got our skies on and are ready the hunt begins.
We will try and move around in different areas where we expect the birds to be feeding, the black grouse are often eating in the birch trees and the capercaillies in pine trees. But there are no rules without the exception.
During the day, the guide will prepare an outdoor lunch, further snacks and warm drinks if needed.
The hunt will end around sunset, so you can expect somewhere of 4-6 hours of hunting. Which is enough during these winter conditions.
After the hunt the guide will take you back to you accommodation for dinner, sauna and perhaps a drink Infront of the open fire.

Note: Our client’s safety and wellbeing always come first, and we will adapt to every single client’s specific needs.